Sunday, September 27, 2009

Free Download - MegaStat for Excel 2003

Basic Statistics Using Excel and MegaStat, 1e, by J. B. Orris is a concise, value-driven text with complete business statistics coverage, explored through computational learning activities. Orris, author of MegaStat, incorporates applied examples upon introduction of new concepts to give students the complete picture before moving forward with the mechanics. The text maintains a strong technological advantage as it focuses on presenting statistical concepts using Excel, enhanced by MegaStat. 

Instructors who wish to spend more or less time on a given concept have added flexibility due to the text's modular design, and although concise, Orris, 1e is appropriate for both one- and two-semester courses. In addition, the Student CD comes equipped with everything students need to learn statistics effectively including MegaStat; nearly 100 Excel spreadsheets that support the text and specific chapter topics; exercises; and author-narrated animated tutorials covering Excel, MegaStat, and solving statistical problems.

Click this link to download: MegaStat for Excel , Test Data
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